Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing #23

I was exposed to many new concepts. I have been shocked and amazed at the information available via a computer. The vastness of information sometimes made it overwhelming. It has greatly expanded my knowledge and given me ideas for my classroom. ( I will need more instruction or time to implement the ideas. I hope that SBISD continues to provide education in this area.)

Some of the things or steps within the "things" need more instruction - those of us who are technologically challenged need more step by step directions. It did take much more than 18 hours of my time - probably 45 hours. I don't mind since I gained so much from this experience but it would have helped me schedule my time better if I realized that from the start.

I like that it was self paced and during the summer. It has been one of the best professional development workshops that I have attended. I hope that I am able to implement some of these ideas into my classroom (Do you have a system in place for questions as they arise?)
I have taken other online classes and like that I can fit them into my schedule. easier. I'm open to more on line classes. I especially liked the use of the blog because you were connected to other people and their thoughts.

One more thing, thanks for helping me connect with my students and their generation.

Thing #22

I found one site that I thought was particularly interesting.

Another interesting sites for moms is :

As you know if you have been following my blog, I need step by step instructions. I found this site that was helpful

Thing #21

HELP! I'm real interested in photostory however, I can't seem to locate it on my computer. I tried to download it again. I pulled up a music screen but was unable to pull up a screen for downloading the pictures or creating a slide show. Obviously, I'm technologically challenged. I did find a beginner's guide to photostory on the web. I want to either take a class or pair up with someone with more technological savy than me. I have ideas.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing #20

I had technical difficulties with my sound but enjoyed surfing through the Teacher Tube sight. I found several that I want to review and possibly use in my classroom. I also likes the messages in CARS and 3 steps.

I couldn't find navigate my way throught the global schoolhouse website but I plan to spend more time learning about Friendship through education and both sound like they would be a great asset to my classroom.

I tried to embed the 3 steps video in this blog but was unsuccessful. Here is the link; I hope you enjoy it.

Thing # 19

WOW! I could spend all day on the computer with the Web 2.0 list. I was already quite familiar with cragslist, monster, google maps and google earth.

I've been experimenting recently with different photo sites so I downloaded Picasa since it was google related. My concern with the photos is security - yes, I'm an overprotected mom. I tried to put a password on my collections but couldn't figure out how to have a different password for different photos so that I could email to different sets of friends. I assisted a friend this weekend make a scrapbook to order with a different online site so now I want to change all of the photos to digital so I can make the kids different scrapbooks ( I didn't say when I get it done.)

I also looked at I need to play with it more and want to use it in my classroom. (I NEED MORE COMPUTERS) I also liked the tutorials available on

My kids would like I will need to see if there is anything there that I could use for the classroom too.

We don't go out to eat often but I will use this site when we do for new suggestions Also, I'm always surfing the net for new recipe ideas for this site is a big plus for me.

I'm learning to take care of me too. I'm good at eating healthy but now I want to implement exercise and become more proactive for good future health so I found interesting.

SO MUCH TO LEARN... We need more time. Can our inservices be centered around technology and sharing ideas on how to incorporate it into our classes this year??

Thing #18

I was real excited when I read about Open Office. I downloaded it and had visions of creating masterpieces. However, I could access my existing docs but couldn't create a new one. So, I downloaded Open Office again thinking that I missed something. I still couldn't figure it out. Once again, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation but it was frustrating without more specific instructions.

It took me a while tinkering on Google docs but I could figure that one out so it wins my vote for now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thing #17

I found parts of Rollyo confusing. I'm sure that if I had more clear directions or an onsite expert; the confusion could have been quickly resolved. I added Firefox to my computer and tried a couple of searches and setting up my personalized searchroll. The FAQ page was helpful.

I want to tell you about another search engine that I played around with today. Its
I like its layout. It seems less cluttered so it is visually appealing to me. I'm thinking of my ESL students who start to feel overwhelmed when there is too much print on a page or those with dyslexia or other reading challenges. This might be a good option for them.

At this time, I want to also say how much I am enjoying using